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INIMA European market research



The Interim Managers SIM Association is one of the founding partners of the International Network of Interim Management Associations (INIMA). On behalf of INIMA, we invite all Interim Managers in Poland to participate in the study, which concerns IM markets in 2020 in selected European countries. Thanks to the results of this research, we will create a picture of our industry in Europe this year. These studies, repeated in subsequent years, will be used to publish trends in the industry at the European and global level. We want to be sure that the results of the Polish study are representative and reliably reflect the image of our market, which is why your large participation in the study is necessary. We have a unique opportunity to show that in Poland the profession of interim manager is prestigious and is growing in strength. The chances of interest in international cooperation will also increase. We would like to inform you that respondents will receive access to the full Report on not only Polish but also international research – it is worth completing the questionnaire.





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